Fee policy, payment methods and refunds


Please read the following document carefully.


Mi Tribus does not market any of the products or services that users promote or post in their ads. Mi Tribus is only and exclusively the means by which the different classifieds of the different users are hosted and by publishing them, users are understood to use Mi Tribus as a means of dissemination of their products or services, but not as a means of marketing.


Mi Tribus provides the service of publishing classified ads for free. But also provides and markets advertising packages for users who wish to hire them.

To deal with users we adhere to the laws of Consumer Protection in Mexico and of the European Union.

Our packages are managed depending on the time, promotion, positioning or resource that makes them stand out from the rest.


1. Fees and method of payment.


        The rates for our services or products are listed in Euros. If you are in a different country the exchange rate will be applied on the day that the economic transaction is carried out for each currency.

        Mi Tribus can make changes without notice in prices, terms of contract, payment methods, publication and refund. But generally an email will be sent to users to let them know about the adjustments made before they take effect, so the terms will remain the same while the update takes effect.

        We accept payment by transfer from banks in other countries. The information required to make a payment is provided to our customers via email. Once the deposit has been made, it is necessary to send us by email to info@mitribus.com a copy of the boucher with the stamp of the bank and the information necessary to prepare your invoice. Your invoice will be sent to the email you have provided.

        You can also make your payment through Paypal. Once your payment has been confirmed, the invoice will be sent to the email you have provided.

        In no case is the figure of credit granted, neither by exchange of time, nor in sort, the payment of the services of Mi Tribus is covered in time and form on the contracted day.


2. For example, since we also have a presence in Mexico, the Federal Law of Consumer Protection in Mexico of the PROFECO, establishes in its article 10 that Suppliers may not provide additional services to those originally contracted that have not been expressly requested or accepted by the consumer.

        Therefore, the user may contract additional services voluntarily and not in a way that is obligatory for the supplier.


3. The consumer has the right to demand notes, invoices, receipts or proof of business transactions made with Mi Tribus.



4. The refund on the contracted packages or exclusive services belonging to Mi Tribus.

        The consumer has the right to revoke a contract without liability during the five working days following the delivery of the goods or the signing of the contract, whichever is the later. The revocation renders the transaction null and void and the supplier must refund the price paid to the consumer.

        Payments made in excess of the maximum price determined or, where appropriate, stipulated, are recoverable by the consumer.


*When by error or omission the user makes a charge exceeded Mi Tribus will make the return in full of the amount paid provided that the user of timely notice, the amount has been entered and this registered payment in our bank account, showing the receipts, identification and data that will be required to make the prompt return of the amount.

        Only and exclusively the replacement, bonus or return of the contracted amount will be made, if the package or service does not meet the quality conditions, or specifications offered, or does not comply with our service provision.

        The free publication service is not subject to any return, replacement, bonus or action that the user wishes to promote. The ad that is mispublished or contains errors or is of poor quality may be requested to be repaired.

        Mi Tribus can only repair what is affected in our system, without having any responsibility for the repair in kind or economic damage or past, current or future caused to users by technical failures or other internal or external causes, direct or indirect in our service.

        Any agreement, contract, treatment by word or document, purchase and sale of services or products advertised in the classifieds between users or third parties is not the responsibility of Mi Tribus the resolution, return or settlement of any dispute and is accepted and understood to be the sole responsibility of users or third parties.


5. Consumers should enjoy equal access to services offered to the general public. The consumer must not be subject to any preference or discrimination whatsoever, except for fully justified reasons (affecting the security or tranquillity of the establishment or its customers).


6. By entering, browsing or registering, you accept our policies for posting, use of cookies, privacy notice, terms of use, disclaimer, fee policy, payment methods and refunds. The realization of commercial exchange activities, clarifications, claims, etc. products, services or any other action or activity is based on legal monitoring, regulations, times and legal processes that are established by the corresponding institutions, example: the members of the will be based on the provisions of the institutions of the member countries.


7. Since our services can be contracted by anyone without distinction and from different countries, as a reference the European Union Commission has established an internet platform for the resolution of online disputes ("OS platform") between businesses and consumers. The OS platform is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/.


8. We are not required to participate in any dispute resolution proceedings before any consumer arbitration board in any country.


If you have any questions about our Return and Refund Policy, please contact us:

by email: info@mitribus.com